Eagle Turbo & Pro

Eagle Turbo & Pro is top importer of refrigeration & kitchen equipments for hotels, food catering and beverage Industry. Eagle Turbo & Pro is providing hi-end quality of equipment with value added service to meet the need and demand of clients.
We are always striving to provide fast and effective after-sales services to satisfy our customers. Being a leading importer & manufacturer of refrigeration and kitchen equipments, we are committed to offering holistic service to actualise the core concept of functional kitchen. We have long years of track record to provide variety of services that includes Consultation, kitchen planning & design, project management, installation and dependable after-sales service.

Vision Statements:
We strive to become best supplier of kitchen of refrigeration equipments in Asia Pacific regions at competitive price along with in-house manufacturing of industry standard equipment as per the industry demands.
Mission Statements:
Our expertise to set-up and quick installation of equipment as per the rapid changes in food and beverage industry across the world