We have partnership with world’s top class manufacturers of kitchen and refrigeration equipment based in United States, Europe and Far-East. we provide all range of equipments for hotels, fast food chain, restaurants, speciality restaurants, ice-cream parlour, coffee shop, super market, food courts, Industrial & commercial canteens etc.

Nation-Wide Service
We have team of expert employees that are totally dedicated towards maintaining our clients kitchen units operational at optimal efficiency. Our service engineers and technicians are professional and provide support as per the client requirement 24X7. We have complete range of factory parts and accessories that are always available in our inventory. We provide nation-wide free installation and after sales service. Our head office is based in Delhi and agents in Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Pune, Indore, Lucknow, Nagpur, Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmadabad and Goa.

We are also manufacturer of refrigeration and kitchen equipments. We provide custom design of equipments based on client need and requirement. We manufacture the equipments that are fully functional and operated at optimal efficiency.

Scotsman – Ice System
The world largest ice machine line
Scotsman – it is one of the best ice machine in world that best suited for hotels, fast food, restaurants, bakeries, fish farming etc. The product is fully reliable and cost effective for food and beverages industry. It makes ice very fast, clean, hygienic and long lasting.

Vitamix – Food Service
The world’s best commercial blender & food processors from USA
Vitamix: is a high-performance blender for consumers and for the restaurants and hospitality industry.
Vitamix is the supreme blenders that perform the entire task like creamy soups, thick dips, sticky dough, dense cake batter, fruit smoothies, boozy blended drinks, raw juices made from fruits and vegetables, chunky nut butters etc.

Santos: Juicer, Ice Crusher & Drink Mixer
Santos: is one of the top commercial juicer for cafes, hotels, restaurants, catering, fast food, pizzerias, snack shops, juice bars, and coffee bars

Taylor – from USA Leader in Ice Cream Machines and Shake Machines

Single and triple flavour models of soft ice cream machines
Single and four flavour machine thick shake machines
Slush, sorbet & frozen cock tail/drink machine
Hard ice cream batch freezers
Single/double/triple platen grill

DIHR International – Economical solution to your Oily Curries
DIHR International provides varieties of new range of glass and dish washers, the GS D-Wash, HT and RX series. The USP of these machines are silence, simple and reliability. This GS series are ideal for bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels.
Under counter glass & dish washers
Hood type dish washing m/c
Rack conveyer type dishwashing machine
Flight conveyer dishwashers & basket washer
Ware washer
Basket washer

Rack Conveyer Dishwasher
Custom design to your specification can perform all problems in washing. There are many available varieties for you:
Available in single/double/ triple and one tank model
Available in electric and steam operated models.

It gives you 7 possible steps of washing
1. Prewashing
2. 1st washing
3. Strengthened washing
4. Steam condenser and energy recovery
5. Strengthened pre-rinsing
6. Final rinsing
7. Drying

Ugolini : Cold beverages Dispenser & Dispenser for Frozen Beverages
Ugolini: Simple, easy to use and versatile, these dispensers are designed to cool all types of drink (natural fruit juices, coffee, tea, almond milk, etc.). Its design is compelling with display that will catch the customer’s eye. These machines increased your profits, while reducing your cost of drink, tune, labour and stocking space.

Nivona: Make Coffee more intelligently (Fully Automatic Coffee Machine)
With the sophisticated fully automatic coffee machines by NIVONA you can discover and fulfil your desire for coffee, whether you are a coffee traditionalist or a trend-conscious Espresso fan. This is the super fast and reliable machine for coffee enthusiasts with competitive price.

Robot Coupe – Vegetable Preparation Machine

Robot-Coupe, the food preparation specialist offers a wide range of products for every professional need and ideals for restaurants, institution, delicatessens and caterers.

Expobar – Italian Expresso/Cappuccino Coffee Machine
Available complete range of automatic / semi-automatic coffee machines
High performance European machines at economical/ affordable prices
Quality at par with any other European brand in coffee machines

BUNN – Filter Coffee Machine / Tea Coffee Urn
BUNN provides best quality products by follow best guideline at production plants with quality management registration through ISO 9001:2008. The BUNN brand is known for its honesty, integrity, courtesy and quality.

COOLEX – Glass Display Freezer / Cooler
Hi-quality & effective compressor
Strong freezing capacity
Anti-scratch cabinet with adjustable thermostat
Automatic orientation top open door for easy storage
Universal castor for easy moving (optional)

COOLEX – Refrigerators / Freezer

Our Product range:
Refrigerators / Freezer
Refrigerators / Cunters
Salad Bar & Display unit
Blast Chillers / Freezers
Pizza preparation line
Saladette etc.

Rational – “The Self Cooking Center” “ Whiteffciency”
The new standard for Indian and Western Cuisine
The appliance has contemporary design that replace all other traditionally appliances found in kitchen. It can perform grill, gratinate, bake, rise, roast braise, simmer, stew, poach or blanche. This units self manages functional task like control and monitor optimum cooking process just by press of button, the cooking process doesn’t require any manual supervision. In addition it requires less energy, raw materials and water. It is fully functional, standard, quality and performance equipment for Indian cuisine. It has high density control itself and powerful steam generator, dynamic air mixing and heat build-up and extremely effective dehumidification. It has sufficient and requisite area rack after rack, from front to back.
Wide range of application – Grilling, Steaming, Baking and much more
30 % more capacity and super faster
70 % less energy consumption compared to conventional kitchen equipment

Eagle Turbo & Pro Hotmax – Electric Deck Oven / Gas Deck Oven / Rolling Machine, Spiral Mixer
This is fully electric oven that is made up with stainless steel and equipped with cooking surface in refractory stones, sheathed heating elements, internal lighting, and rock wool insulation. The standard power supply is 400 Volt three-phases + neutral. Moreover special voltage are available on need and requirement of clients.

Eagle Turbo & Pro Hotmax: Combi Steamer Ovens, for Gastronomy / Bakery
Each oven performs their best, while handling everything from baking to protecting. It comes with unique innovative and compact design and has ability to perform conventional baking, steam baking and mixed baking cycle.

Menumaster ACP: High Performance has a Name
Commercil Microwave Ovens, High Volume Full –Featured

1100 Watts of Power
34 Liter Capacity
4 Stages Cooking
100 Programmable Menu Items
User Friendly Touch control pad
LED Display
Easy to clean, Easy to own
Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
Durable and Dependable

1000 Watts of Power
25.5 Liter Capacity
3 Stage Cooking
20 Programmable Menu Items
User Friendly Touch Control pad
LED Display
Easy to clean, Easy to own
Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
Durable and Dependable

Hatco Corporation: World Class food holding equipment (Gloray food warmer & conveyor toaster)

Winterhalter : Glass & Dishwasher
Dishwasher range is best for high volume catering services & hotels. Best suited for one’s busy plus commercial kitchenware washing area.

Franke : Automatic Coffee Machine
A200: Enjoyment through Perfection
A600: All you need for perfect coffee

SIRMAN – Food Processing Machine
SIRMAN has established as a big brand on the market of professional equipment for restaurant and catering sector

T&S – Brass food service products
Pre-Rinse Units, Spray Valves, Hose Reel and Faucets

Counter Impinger (CTI) Conveyorized Electric / Gas Oven
WELBILT – Pronto Quick Performance Oven

Salva – Bakery Equipment

Stella – Induction Cookers
Energy saving and Clean energy, safety and easy to clean
Multiple power ranges for adjustment, multi cooking function
Digital timer set with automatic shut off
Thermal efficiency more than 90 %
Over heat alarm protection
CF, CCC, CB, EMC, approved
Ceramic-glass cooktop panel made in Germany
Available in single & double cooktop

Eagle Turbo & Pro Hotmax – Bakery Equipment
Hotmax – Kitchen Equipment

Prince Caste LLC Worldwide
Contact Toaster – Slim Line: higher performance equipment for toasting buns, burgers and sandwiches. It has Strong motor with energy efficiency and increased performance system with great reliability.

Benefits of DHBs:
Improved food Quality, no drying out products while maintaining required internal temperatures
Consistent product holding temperatures with extended holding time capability
Easy point of use product access with reduced/ limited heat loss
Improved control of product usage, reducing overall food waste

Coooper ATKINS
Cooper ATKINS is top manufacturer of digital thermocouple thermometers and probes for the food service Industry.
High performance, broader temperature ranges, easy to use are some of the exciting feature of Coooper ATKINS.
Also available digital thermocouple thermometers with MicroNeedle Probe, DuraNeedle Probe, Frozen Product Probe, Bell Surface Probe, Weighted Griddle Probe, Fry Vat Probe, Oven Freezer/Cooler Probe, Dishwasher Probe etc.

Also available Storage/wall thermometers, Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometers, Mechanical Digital Pocket test, Cooking / Prep Thermometers, Speciality Thermometers, Thermistor Thermometer, Temperature / Humidity Thermometers, Panel Thermometers, Infrared Thermometers, Industrial Stem Thermometers etc.

Frymaster – Dean –Tube types fryers, Ideal for all king of frying applications.
Steeper drain slope which allows the oil to drain faster and thoroughly flush loose food particles from the frypot
Large cools zone to capture the natural fall-off or sediment that occurs during frying
Exclusive swirl baffle design slows the flow of flame through the tube to provide even heat distribution and increases the fryer’s energy efficiency, thus lowering costs.
Safe easy & effective filtration, dean portable filter units are designed to extend shorting life. Compatible with almost any fryer, portable filters come standard with gravity drain and are available with removable pump.

Kitchen Aid brand is well known for versatility, reliability and durability. The product is capable of deliver power and performance. In addition planetary mixer is also available with various attachments.

Machines Caplain – Bakery Equipment from France

Zumex – Life Essence
Zumex is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of automatic juicers for the hotel, catering and retail equipment sectors. Its juice extraction system enables to extract maximum amount of juice without contacting with peel and produce hygiene and flavour juice.

Fri-Jado: Chicken Rostisserie Hot & Cold Food Display

Easy to use
Robust & Reliable
Best Wash result
Good Value for Money

Orved : Vaccuum Packing Machines

Belshaw: Donut Production Equipment
Fryer: the fryer includes 16”x16” fryer with cover/drain tray and 2 frying screens. It occupies under 3 square feet (1 sq. m.) of counter space and weighs only 44lbs. (20kg). At a maximum capacity of 25 dozen size donuts per hour, it represents the best possible use of space for its capacity. The fryer can also fry raised donuts.

This unique combination enable bakeries and others to fry cake and raised donuts in less than 3 feet (1m) of counter space up to 35 dozens donuts per hour, ideals for fast production during slack periods. Using belshaw’s full-featured type ‘N’ donut depositors, it can make varieties of cake donuts with belshaw plungers and attachments.

Donut Automatic Fryer:
Donut robot series automatic fryer deposit, fry, turn and dispense cake and yeast-raised donuts – automatically – improving donuts quality and reducing costs. Training and labour requirements are substantially reduced while quality, repeatable donuts are produced time after time.

Berjaya: complete range of bakery equipment
Berjaya has the world class R&D system, to offer excellent bakery equipment to contribute the bakery customers
It always deliver innovative and new product, improved product quality for providing more satisfaction.

Chinese Cooking Equipment